Federesco and the Kazakh International Expo 2017

Starting from June 2017, Federesco together with more than 30 private organizations (companies or groups) will be present for three months at the Kazakh International Expo

Federesco (National Federation of ESCos), as an Energy Service Promoter that has rendered outstanding services to the spreading of energy services in Italy and Europe, has been selected by a Scientific Committee as one of the 30 best innovation projects to be exposed in “Leonardo da Vinci” square within the Italian Pavilion in Astana.

The project met the “theme statement” criteria set by the Expo on future energy with a strong focus on energy efficiency, decarbonisation and environment security, key elements to achieve COP 21 objectives and national priorities in the energy sector.

Federesco has a leading role in promoting change and new approaches, working to facilitate a cultural revolution and, thus, rethink our future.

This projects leads to a new and healthier world, more secure and livable, through energy efficiency in buildings, industry, agriculture and transport sector.

Actually, the idea is very simple, as clearly exposed by the EU Commission: “energy efficiency needs to be considered as a source of energy in its own right”1, hardly consumed and therefore wasted. It is the best option we have to counter climate change and reduce gas emissions in the atmosphere.

Energy efficiency is largely accessible, but culturally uncommon: outcomes depend on the amount of effort and interest we put in it. Therefore, it is essential for us to change approach and rethink our future pushing for energy projects to be promoted among schools, offices, hospitals, factories and households, facilitating a wide transition towards a social and economic growth.

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In fact, energy efficiency is a productive and innovative service, duly supervised and organized. It implies clean and cheap energy consumption, getting to “do more with less”, reducing energy costs and waste – usually depending on inefficient and poorly managed systems – by using modern technologies and opting for more conscious and responsible manners.

It is the final outcome of a strategic and operational path demanding a multidisciplinary and synergistic approach through several steps: monitoring, energy audit, executive planning, management, maintenance, raising funds through Third-Party Financing (TPF) and Energy Performance Contracts (EPC).

Created in 2006 to lead this revolution, Federesco was founded as a non-profit association of 60 Italian Energy Service Companies (ESCos) in order to better operate and familiarize with such a large and dynamic area, but also to promote, among public / private economic operators and citizens:

•   Good practices and behaviours on Energy efficiency and energy saving;

•   The most appropriate best practices in order to achieve the targets under the Kyoto Protocol and the European Energy Policy, according to the directives 2010/31/EU and 2012/27/EU;

•   The Third-Party Financing (TPF) mechanism contemplated by the Italian Legislative Decree no. 115/2008;

•   Project Financing (PF) financial instruments in order to reduce energy demand and greenhouse gas emission;

•   Primary use of energy-efficient technologies to reduce energy consumption;

•   Distributed generation plants throughout the national territory, designed to exploit renewable energy sources, cogeneration (CHP) and trigeneration systems.

 ESCos are, in fact, the main reference point for setting up energy efficiency measures, operating through a both strategic and operational approach all along the process, implementing every step in a straight and exclusive relation with the client.

ESCos usually perform a wide variety of tasks and activities: a type-measure aiming to rationalize energy consumption is normally split in several phases:

•   Energy audit: identifying waste, inefficient or improper use of energy;

•   Executive project-planning, including all technical, legal and financial aspects, in order to set up, launch and test plants;

•   Monitoring energy and environmental impact, verifying results and performance achieved;

•   Supporting ISO 50001 certification on Energy Management System;

•   EEO (Energy Efficiency Obligations) Management and CO2 emissions shares;

•   Raising investment funds;

•   Organizing workshops and information campaigns on energy issues.

ESCos act as key elements to connect both civil and political communities to current environmental issues as well as to every social opportunity (security, economic growth, life standards, etc.) related to sustainable life and behavior habits.

To Federesco, revolution means evolution, prompting innovation and change for the better; it is about caring and saving, acting for the common good and protecting the environment we live in. It is also about promoting a competitive and efficiency-based economy, useful to facilitate a smart, sustainable, inclusive growth.

Lower waste and energy consumption habits lead to immediate economies on energy bills, to more financial resources to be invested in core business activities and, consequently, to boost and encourage the economy.

Moreover, energy efficiency is not purely a source of profits, but it also provides enterprises with secondary benefits, which, far from being strictly related to energy efficiency measures, bring social and environmental opportunities creating jobs, tax revenue, valuable and high-quality buildings and better life conditions.

Most of all, Federesco believes in energy efficiency as the best opportunity to change life-styles and to restore the link between the Earth and mankind.

New generations can support and facilitate this transition, which is crucial to continue growing. Making them aware of current developments can reduce the cultural gap that keeps up from being conscious of energy efficiency outcomes and benefits. This is why, no one better than new generations – the main characters in our video for the 2017 Expo in Astana – can expose our resolutions, matching our will to start a new life on new values.



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1 European Commission, Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency, COM(2016) 761 final, 30.11.2016. P. 2



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