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Investigation and Characterization of Artistic Techniques in Works of Modern and Contemporary Art

Stefania Bruni, Maurizio Indirli, Giuseppe Marghella, Anna Marzo, Lorenzo Moretti - ENEA, Unità Tecnica Ingegneria Sismica; Giuseppe Maino - ENEA, Unità Tecnica Metodi per la Sicurezza dei Reattori e del Ciclo del Combustibile

SEM analysis combined with the EDXRS system are performed on many types of artistic and historical assets, in order to obtain information about the materials and their deterioration, the artistic techniques, the presence of damage, etc. This work reports the results of a study carried out on samples coming from the Orsi-Marconi palace in Bologna (Italy), from the Khazneh (House of the treasury) in Petra (Jordan), and from the Holy Cross monastery of Jvari in Mtskheta (Georgia). All these buildings are made of sandstone, the peculiarity of which is the change in colour, due to the different concentration of oxides in their composition