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Effects of Air Pollution on Materials, Including Historic and Cultural Heritage Monuments

Stefan Doytchinov - ENEA, Unità Tecnica Tecnologie Ambientali; Augusto Screpanti - ENEA, Unità Tecnica Caratterizzazione, Prevenzione e Risanamento Ambientale; Giovanni Leggeri - ENEA, Unità Tecnica Sviluppo di Applicazione delle Radiazioni

The Int. Co-operative Programme on Effects on Materials, including Historic and Cultural Monuments (ICP Materials) started in 1985. It was initiated in order to provide a scientific basis for new protocols developed within the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution. The main aim is to perform a quantitative evaluation of the effects of multi-pollutants and climate parameters on the atmospheric corrosion of materials, including Cultural Heritage. The primary objective is to evaluate dose/response functions and trend effects and use the results for mapping areas with increased risk of corrosion, and for calculating the costs of damage caused by the deterioration of materials. Here we present the study of two UNESCO CH sites: the Parthenon in Athens (Greece), and the building façades in the city centre of Paris (France)