Copertina della rivista

ICT to Increase Knowledge of Cultural Heritage

Dante Abate, Luciana Bordoni, Beatrice Calosso, Vincenzo Fiasconaro, Graziano Furini, Silvio Migliori, Samuele Pierattini - ENEA, Unità Tecnica Sviluppo Sistemi per l’Informatica e l'ICT; Simona Guiducci - ENEA Guest; Belén Jiménez Fenández-Palacios, Fabio Remondino, Alessandro Rizzi - Bruno Kessler Foundation –FBK

The advanced Information and Communication Technologies, combined with the development of applications based on artificial intelligence, open new possibilities to investigate CH in depth. Through GRID computing it is possible to directly access distributed databases by web, creating a network of different archives. Instruments for Augmented Reality, modeling, simulation and virtual 3D reconstruction are useful both to predict the process of deterioration and to create innovative means to disseminate knowledge