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Microbe-Based Technology for a Novel Approach to Conservation and Restoration

Chiara Alisi, Salvatore Chiavarini, Paola Marconi, Anna Rosa Sprocati, Flavia Tasso - ENEA, Unità Tecnica Caratterizzazione, Prevenzione e Risanamento Ambientale; Nicoletta Barbabietola, Michela Grimaldi, Brunella Perito - Università degli Studi di Firenze, Dipartimento di Biologia Evoluzionistica

Changes both in the human perception of the environmentand in conservation thinking, that have evolved following the Venice Charter (1964), require changes in the approach to scientific and technological research for cultural heritage. Bio-based methods are meeting those needs, presenting some advantages over the traditional chemical-physical methods: low environmental impact, absence of toxic effects for operators, selectivity for the weathered material, safety for the artwork and economical costs. Ongoing activities at ENEA in microbe-based technology address problems still lacking solution or needing improvement with respect to costs, feasibility and safety, both for operators and artworks; among them, the removal of shellac and adhesives from different materials composing artworks or historical documents. An overview of diagnostic and bio-restoration activities is presented