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Performance of Nanomaterials for the Conservation of Artistic Stones

Franco Padella, Franca Persia, Luciano Pilloni, Antonio Rinaldi, Angelo Tatì - ENEA, Unità Tecnica Tecnologie dei Materiali; Rosaria D’Amato - ENEA, Unità Tecnica Sviluppo di Applicazioni delle Radiazioni

In the last few years nanocomposites have been frequently applied for restoration and conservation of artworks. In fact, it has been demonstrated that inorganic oxide nanoparticles, such as silica and titania, may improve the performance of materials used in the conservation field. The experience in the synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles within UTTMAT at ENEA, combined with the experience in conservation materials in terms of durability of the conservative products, fostered a research investigation on nanocomposites applied to cultural heritage.  In this study, performances of nanocomposites composed by an acrylic resin and a polyalkylsiloxane with nanosilica and nanotitania will be comparatively presented. Artificial aging to verify the positive effects of nanoparticles were carried out on stone specimens treated with nanocomposites.