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Safeguard of Historical and Cultural Values in the Teramo Area: From Hazard Integrated Analysis to Urban Vulnerability

Elena Candigliota, Francesco Immordino - ENEA, Unità Tecnica Ingegneria Sismica; Serena Castellani - Università di Bologna, Student; Salvatore Cavaleri - Università di Ferrara, Student

An integrated analysis of spatial and satellite data has been applied on an area of the province of Teramo in Abruzzo region, Italy. Two case studies are presented: one on the gullies of Montefino, as an example of natural heritage at risk, whilst the second case concerns the municipality of Bisenti, as an example of historic centre at risk.

Geomatic methodologies have been used for a preliminary analysis of the study area. In fact, based on the cartographic data, hazard maps were overlaid to high-resolution satellite images, showing a high risk for cultural heritage. The integrated analysis is therefore proposed as a monitoring tool to safeguard the territory and the historical and natural heritage by providing knowledge of both their conservation status and relations