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Seismic Preservation of the Cerreto di Spoleto Historical Centre

Giovanni Bongiovanni, Giacomo Buffarini, Paolo Clemente, Antonella Paciello, Dario Rinaldis, Vladimiro Verrubbi - ENEA, Unità Tecnica Caratterizzazione, Prevenzione e Risanamento Ambientale; Guido Martini, Alessandro Zini - ENEA, Unità Tecnica Sviluppo di Applicazioni delle Radiazioni; Salvatore Martino - Università di Roma La Sapienza

Earthquakes cause considerable damages to historical centres, so that a suitable prevention policy is necessary to guarantee their conservation. The first step is getting a complete knowledge of the area of interest and of the existing structures. In the selected areas, a detailed analysis to understand the characteristics of the seismic input through the analysis of seismic hazard and microzoning is needed, and so is the seismic performance of buildings by monitoring the seismic response. The paper presents some results of the study carried out on the site of Cerreto di Spoleto and on a complex building of its historical centre.