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Terrestrial and Subsea 3D Laser Scanners for Cultural Heritage Applications

Luigi De Dominicis, Mario Ferri de Collibus, Giorgio Fornetti, Massimo Francucci, Massimiliano Guarneri, Marcello Nuvoli - ENEA, Unità Tecnica Sviluppo di Applicazione delle Radiazioni

Methodologies in cultural heritage applications are slowly but steadily evolving with the introduction of bespoke innovative technological tools. Beyond complementing the work of the experts, these cutting-edge innovations may also provide new and stimulating paths for artworks fruition. In this framework, terrestrial and subsea 3D laser scanners developed at ENEA mark a one-of-a-kind achievement, as witnessed by the results of the several measurement campaigns conducted. The devices are designed to provide 3D accurate models of targets of interest both in terrestrial and in subsea environment. In particular the terrestrial version, the RGB-ITR, is equipped for unique color rendering of the investigated scene