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Doing science in dire straits: the role of internationalization to boost R&D

di Domenico De Martinis - ENEA, Technical Unit for Nuclear Fusion; Chiara Clementel, Marina Leonardi - ENEA, Relations Central Unit, International Relations Service

Science Pollicy after Fukushima

This paper gives a view on the future research plans and funding opportunities between Europe, Japan, and Italy, as a member State of the Union, but also as a country with a strong tradition of bilateral collaborations with Japan. The policies chosen to support research and technological innovation are discussed in the light of the global economical crisis and the natural events of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in 2011. The policy decisions taken in Japan and Italy, as well as the future research program of the EU, show evidence that investing in research is broadly considered a priority. Yet, there are many uncertainties to the future implementation of research programs in a period of economic crisis and strategic uncertainties for dramatically important issues, such as, e.g., the energy sources, that may eventually result in a conservative approach, rather than in investing in long-term initiatives as research. The paper concludes with some considerations on the importance of the internationalization, to manage the way out of the crisis and achieve research and technological development